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Stone countertops bring a beautiful, natural look to a home or office while also offering long-lasting durability. Whether you are building your dream house, renovating an existing one or have a commercial property that you want to look more elegant, we can provide granite and marble countertop installation in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere.

The right countertop installation is not just about the technical elements of doing the work in the right way. It starts with choosing the right stone in the right colors. Whether you already know what you’re looking for or could use some guidance, we’re here to help. We’ll ask questions and work with you until we’ve found the right match. Once you are satisfied with your choice, we’ll get to work making sure that the fit is right and the installation looks exactly the way you want it to. This means getting the most precise measurements possible so we can provide you with the right cut, shape and edges. We are completely focused on your satisfaction.

We’ll be up front with you about the total price for our services so you’ll know exactly how to budget for our installation. We don’t skimp along the way, but we work to keep our costs affordable for you.

Stone countertops improve not just the look but the value of your home or commercial space. Let us transform the your kitchen, bathroom or office. Our dedication to quality ensures that you will enjoy your stonework for many years to come.

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We Are Your Construction Experts for the MidSouth

When it comes to construction projects, residents and business owners in the Memphis and greater midsouth area choose Advanced Construction of the Midsouth for quality, safety, and workmanship.

You could try to do your own construction project. However, you’ll need the help of contractors to get the greatest results. You can anticipate professional craftsmen with specialized tools and training when you deal with us. We will ensure that your construction project is installed to the finest standards in your house or at your company.

We do it all. Whether you need HVAC, plumbing, concrete, remodeling, dirt work, electrical, granite, cabinets, roofing, or landscaping, we have you covered. Call or fill out our form for a free, no hassle estimate for your project.

Our Stress Free Estimate Process

Advanced Construction of the Midsouth honors every estimate that we publish. Why is this so important? We know that you want to have a comprehensive estimate from the beginning, this is why it is so important that we perform our due diligence and know your project inside and out before delivering an estimate.

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